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IIDA RMC 2017 BESTawards 

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The BESTawards is a design excellence awards program that recognizes interior design projects going beyond a pretty picture and truly encompassing Brilliantly Executed Spaces and Thinking. We recognize that successful interior design requires a collaboration between many disciplines, consultant teams, project managers, vendors, contractors, manufacturer reps, etc; therefore the awards will acknowledge all who contribute to the projectʼs success.

EVENT DATE: Friday, October 6, 2017



Eligible projects must be submitted by a designer or firm based in Colorado, who is NOT affiliated with a manufacturer brand or showroom.

Eligible projects CAN be located outside of the Rocky Mountain Region.

Eligible projects MUST have been built and completed between August 2015 and June 2017.

A project may only be submitted in one category. There is NO limit however, on the number of projects an individual or firm can submit.


IIDA Member Submission: $175 per entry for IIDA
members. To quality for an IIDA Member Submission, an
IIDA member must be part of the design project team
on the project being submitted for the member prices to be
accepted (includes Associate and/or Professional IIDA member types).

Entering Firms will receive 2 free tickets.  Firms with multiple entries will only receive 2 tickets regardless of amount of entries.

Non-Member Submissions  $275 per entry.

Student IIDA Member Submissions: FREE!

Student Non-Member Submissions: $20 per entry.

IIDA RMC Firm of the Year: FREE!

Entry fees are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions. Payment is due with the Call for Entries Form

>> Send all questions to Ali Pilgrim and Tony Deagan via email at bestawardsco@iidarmc.org.  If you have any issues with the submission portal please email Kacy Jones at office@iidarmc.org.


Workplace [over 50,000 SF] : Office Environments

Workplace [15,000 SF – 50,000 SF] : Office Environments

Workplace [under 15,000 SF] : Office Environments

Serve : Government, Institutional, Assembly, Religious, Museums

Give: Healthcare, Senior Living, Medical Office Buildings

Play: Hospitality, Hotels, Resorts, Lodges

Live: Residential, Housing, Multi-Family, Club Houses

Learn: Educational, Libraries

Eat & Drink: Restaurants, Bars, Wineries, Breweries, etc.

Retail: Customer Spaces, Shop, Retail Branches/Banks

BEST on a Budget: Any project $40 or less/SF construction cost

Single Space: Entries that don’t fall into categories above, i.e. Building lobbies, Cafeterias, Conference Center, etc.  The same project cannot be entered in Single Space if it has already been entered for any other category.

Student: Any college student project completed by an interior design student.  $1,500 CASH PRIZE Given by KNOLL!! Prize will be paid with direct deposit after paperwork has been filled.

IIDA RMC Firm of the Year: Firm that has shown exceptional support and participation with IIDA RMC over the past year.  Firm must also submit for at least one 2017 BESTaward category to be considered.  Firm must fill out Call for Entries application under IIDA RMC Firm of the Year category to be considered.  Award will be judged by an IIDA Executive board other than RMC.

IIDA RMC Industry Partner: Manufacturer Representative(s) or Dealer that has shown exceptional support and participation with IIDA RMC over the past year.  This award will be given to Manufacturer Representative(s) or Dealer Team that has been nominated by the Firms that have submitted for a BESTaward.  IIDA RMC will also send out an open call for nominations from the community.  Award will be judged by an IIDA Executive board other than RMC.  Award will be based on written submission and quantity of nominations from designers.


Judges reserve the right to abstain from awarding a category if they feel the entries are not exemplary.Judges and IIDA RMC reserves the right to re-classify a project into a different category if deemed necessary (including too few submissions in one category). Refunds will not be given to projects within a category that was not awards nor will fefunds be given to projects that have been recategorized.

Entry materials will not be returned. All entries and materials become property of the IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter. Photography and images submitted in the Entry Kit can be used by the IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter for the exhibition, publication, and promotional purposes.

Entries must include all required information and submittals for entry submissions. Read descriptions carefully. Submissions that do not meet required criteria will not be considered.  Projects can only be entered in one category.  Previously entered projects cannot be submitted.

ALL winning entries will be considered by the judges for the highest honor of “BEST of the Best.”

Entrants must submit a separate Call for Entries application form for each project.


Entry Kit Submissions for judging is paperless! The submissions include narrative responses and project images which will be submitted on the OpenWater website for judging.

Each entry in the 2017 BESTawards program will be judged on the success with which it has met its individual requirements. Entries will be weighed individually, and not in competition with others. Jury decisions will be based solely on the materials submitted.

Judging criteria will include:
Design concept & description


Originality of the design solution

Design Details


Finish Palette

Project photography and support of the descriptions (a min. of 3 project images are required)

The authorship of each project will remain concealed throughout the deliberations of the jury. If the authorship is revealed on any of the submission submittals (i.e.: jpgʼs, narratives) in the Entry Kit, the jury may chose to disqualify the entry.