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You do not have to be an IIDA RMC member to submit a project. However, for IIDA member submission pricing, at least one design project team member who substantially contributed to the project's success must be an IIDA member of the Rocky Mountain Chapter, and in good standing as of January 1, 2024. 

The design firm must be located within the IIDA Rocky Mountain chapter region as noted on the Event Information page. If a design firm has multiple locations, the project team responsible for the design must work out of an office located within the Rocky Mountain chapter region which consists of the entire state of Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Design Team Main Project Contact* (Name; Role/ Title, Email) 

Design Team others includes partner firms such as architect of record that are not a part of your firm but deserve credit for aspects of the design.   (Max of 6 – provide Name; Role/ Title, Email)

There are no restrictions on project location, only restrictions on design firm location listed above. However, projects must have been completed after August 2021 – December 2023.

Project Type * (New Construction, Remodel in Place, Tenant Improvement) 

Certifications: (LEED, Well, FitWel, Other, None) 

Project Construction Cost per sq. ft. (excluding fees)* 

Provide a concise concept statement* (will be used for publication and read aloud if project wins) Provide Project Narrative*: BEST - Brilliantly Executed Spaces and Thinking evolves from a strong concept, process and project story. Tell us your story. Each project is unique, and we want to learn how your project conveys these attributes and how your firm got there. The statement should address project constraints and challenges, client objectives and should convey your overall concept. (No more than 400 words, and reminder not to include design firm’s name.) 


Project Directory (this is not a judged category and is not required. It is intended to be a space to call out exceptional partners that helped make this project exceptional! Can include key consultants on the project, i.e. MEP Engineers, Project Managers, GC’s, etc) 

Primary Product Sources (this is not a judged category and is not required. It is intended to be a space to call out exceptional partners and products that helped make this project exceptional! Can include key manufacturers names or products) 

Design firms are encouraged to resubmit all eligible projects previously entered in the IIDA RMC design awards if the project was not previously honored as a winner of an IIDA RMC award and project meets completion date requirement. All previously nominated champions who did not win an award may also be nominated again if the nominee meets all other eligibility requirements.  A project may only be submitted in one category. There is NO limit, however, on the number of projects an individual or firm can submit. 

Provide a minimum of 6 project images*. These images must be CLEAN images (no titleblocks, captions, firm logos, etc.) Only one image per jpeg. RESERVE PROJECT PHOTOS FOR SUBMISSION SECTIONS 1-6. If you want to submit project boards, existing photos or additional finished project photos please submit those items in sections 7 and 8. Please consider including at least 1 jpeg of your process documents in the optional Process Photo 1-2 sections. This can include but is not limited to: blocking plans, early sketches, sketch-up model shots, preliminary renderings, finish boards, etc. 

Project Photographer* 

Project Photos 1 through 3*: 

  • High-Resolution (1920x1080 pixels recommended). Should be the ones you would like displayed at the event and in print should your project be selected as a winner. Consider submitting landscape photos for better display on presentation. 

Project Photos 4 through 6*: 

  • High-Resolution. Additional project photos, landscape or vertical orientation allowed 

Project Photos 7 through 8 (optional): 

  • High-Resolution. Additional project photos, process documentation, etc. See paragraph above for suggestions 

Process Photos 1 through 2 (optional): 

  • High-Resolution. See paragraph above for suggestions 

Optional Video Upload or URL Link can be provided. 

Do not include images that reveal the name of the designer, design firm or contractor. Renderings shall not be permitted, only completed project photos allowed. In addition, each entry must include a floor plan of the space (PDF format is acceptable and must be CLEAN images no titleblocks, captions, firm logos, etc.)

Floorplan PDF*– if you want to submit multiple plans you can attach a pdf with multiple pages. Be sure to include the plans you want the judges to see most on the first page or two of the documents. (BEST Maker category please provide a detail drawing)

The 'Entrant' (lead interior designer or architect) on the design team portion of the submission is the professional primarily responsible for the design of the project. The entry form application may be completed by other team members or design firm employees, such as a firm's marketing representative. These individuals are designated as the 'Entry Contact' on the registration portion of the submission (not to be confused with 'Entrant').  

All entries, including images, become the property of the IIDA Rocky Mountain Chapter. The Entrant certifies that they have obtained permissions from the photographer(s) and project owner(s) to publish the photographs, floor plans and any relevant project details (project name, design team names and project partner names). IIDA RMC will use images from all submitted projects in multimedia presentations in the BEST Awards show, and IIDA RMC's website & social media sites. IIDA RMC reserves the rights to use the submissions for publicity and public relations. Any information deemed confidential by the design firm or the project client, must be listed as "CONFIDENTIAL CLIENT" on submission form. 

To maintain anonymity for the juror process, all entry submissions must not contain any identifying information of the design firm or the design team. No names of entrants, design firm, firm logos, project partner names or other identifying entrant information may appear on any part of the pictorial submission, image files or in the project description. Failure to comply may result in the rejection and disqualification of the submission. Registration fees will not be refunded.

The Entrant and Entry Contact are fully responsible for any errors or omissions in the information supplied. The 'Entry Contact' specified on your Registration Form will be the official contact for the entry and shall receive all necessary correspondence and communication from the Chapter. Failure to comply with the rules and entry guidelines may result in the rejection and disqualification of the submission. Registration fees will not be refunded.

Entry fees are non-refundable. There will be no exceptions. Payment is due at the time the Call for Entries Form is submitted. 

If you have any issues with the submission portal, please email events@iidarmc.org 

If you have any event related questions, please email events@iidarmc.org  and the BEST committee will be in touch.